MAC Skinsheen Bronzer Stick

The new bronzing sticks at MAC are this seasons solution to a fabulous sunless tan. There are 3 shades to choose from, one with shimmer called gilty bronze, and 2 without–tan-tint, and billionaire bronze. In typical MAC style the pigment content is very high. If you have fair skin I would avoid swiping the product across your cheeks, they’re way too dark to do that. The texture is creamy and blends out nicely with a brush. Air on the side of caution and put the product on the brush, and then apply to the face. Alternatively dab it on the face from the tube, and blend out.

The obvious comparison to the MAC Bronzer Stick is NARS’ Multiple. The MAC version as I mentioned is more pigmented and the texture is slightly tacky compared to the NARS one. If you’re looking for a bronzy look then the Skinsheen Bronzer definitely does the trick.


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