Spider Lashes

As an advocate of major mascara, the spider lash makeup trend is one of my runway faves this season. The look is all about loading on mascara for extreme thickness, the clumpier the better.

For best results you obviously need a volumizing mascara preferably in jet black. A used mascara is going to get you the effect quicker than a brand new one, since there’s more air in a mascara you’ve been using for a couple of weeks. If you’ve just bought a new tube, try leaving the top off while you do the rest of your makeup to get a bit of air in the tube. Prep your lashes first with a lash primer to give extra length, and thickness.

Lastly your application technique is important too. For the first couple of coats work from the root of the lash and pull the brush through as normal. Then try using the wand perpendicular to really pile on the mascara from the tip of the wand.

1. Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme  2. Dior Show Maximizer 3. MAC Opulash Optimum Black

Images from style.com


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