Felder Felder AW15


Day 1 of London fashion week and my first show to attend was Felder Felder. Standing in line outside the Freemasons’ hall in Covent Garden I realized a few things: I should have brought my fur, London was much colder than I had anticipated, and I shouldn’t have lingered in Pret for so long then I would be further ahead in the queue!

The theme of the show was–Don’t hate what you don’t understand. The designers looked to sixties Berlin and the style of Uschi Obermaier the actress and model who was a key figure of countercultural commune of the time. Following along this same vein the makeup look had that abandoned feel of a 60’s girl that had been out all night. The black banana line through the socket was etched in with kohl pencil and gel eyeliner. The upper lashes had at least 4 of coats of mascara. The top of the cheekbones were highlighted, and the same berry stain was used on lips and on the apples of the cheeks for a flushed look.


Images from style.com & WJ London Lifestyle

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