Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler


As someone who is not that adept at hair styling the Kiss InstaWave has been a welcome addition to my styling tools. I admit at first I was slightly intimidated but the curl dial that catches the hair, but I quickly found that this feature is what makes it so fast to curl your whole head. By simply placing a few inches of hair against the wand and then pressing the directional button, the dial catches and rotates your hair around the wand. As I don’t prefer a curl that’s too tight, I catch and twirl slightly bigger sections of  hair on the wand for about 20 seconds for a nice loose wave. I did find the wave would drop out by the next day which would probably not have happened with a tighter curl. The temperature control allows for high and low with a maximum temperature of 420°F. I’m often in a rush to get ready and have been known to be half way to work when suddenly I start to panic that I’ve left my curling iron on. Needless to say the auto shut off feature after 90 minutes is a life saver.

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