4 of My Favourite Lip Balms


The weather is cold and dry which is never the optimum environment for skin. Keep your lips hydrated and lock in moisture with any of these lip balms and your lips will thank you. These are my standbys because I’m actually allergic to a lot of different lip balms. I’ve never figured out what the specific ingredient is that I react to, but I know I’m safe with these! Homeoplasmine is a go to in my makeup kit for any dry areas on the face or body. It has a semi-matte texture and instant relief especially for extra dry cracked lips. Province Apothecary Repairing and Conditioning Lip Balm is an organic formula that feels super soothing on dry lips. Maybelline Baby Lips is a great inexpensive lip balm. It’s not massive moisture if my lips are in severe trouble, but its perfect for maintaining already hydrated lips. Rosebud Salve is an old fave, fab for lips and I love it for dry cuticles too.

1. Homeoplasmine 2. Province Apothecary Repairing & Conditioning Lip Balm 3. Maybelline Baby Lips 4. Rosebud Salve


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