How-To: Undone Smokey Eyes

I am not the person to spend two hours on my own makeup, or on anyone else’s for that matter. I am also an advocate for looks that are effortless and cool. Which is why I’m a fan of a worn in smokey eye when the occasion allows. The beauty of this look is that you can literally use two products. I like to use YSL Couture Kajal and MAC #219 Pencil brush to smudge. Armed with these two items it’s simply a matter of wrapping the kohl around your entire eye without any particular precision. Then use the brush to blend out and diffuse the kohl. As most artists will attest to, your fingers are an amazing tool so use your ring finger to even out and blend to complete. Take it one step further by adding a bit of MAC Mixing Medium Shine or NYX Lid Lacquer for reflection.

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