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How to Get Dewy Skin

Here are our tips to achieve the ultimate in dewy skin:

1. Exfoliate. At least once a week will increase cell turn over and remove any dead skin from the surface which can cause the complexion to look dull

2. Hydrate the skin with a skin mist that contains water,

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Blake Lively in Esquire Magazine

Red lips, strong black liner, slicked back hair, and oiled up skin. These are often the requirements for girls in men’s magazines. Blake pulls the look off effortlessly as though she always looks like this (which she actually often does!) I especially enjoy the sheen on the skin.

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MAC Pearl Cream Colour Base

maccreamcolorbaseAffectionately known as CCB, Cream Colour Base is a multi purpose product that should be in every girls make up bag, and every make up artists kit. This product comes in lots of colours from light to dark, but Pearl is definitely one of my favourites. It’s my go to product for fashion shows,

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