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Matte Versus Shine

There used to be something very sophisticated about a non-reflective lip, whereas gloss had an element of youthfulness to it. Time and trends have changed that school of thought and now practically every girl, young or old stays by a matte lipstick. Personally I can go either way,

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My Top 6 Highlighting Products


I’m all about a good highlight to enhance bone structure or for creating an all over glow. Prepping skin with Shu Uemura Instant Glow immediately brightens dull skin. Of course there are degrees of shine, and for super wet looking skin I reach for MAC Gloss. Less sticky than Lip Glass this Gloss texture delivers tons of reflection perfect for editorial type looks.

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Topolino for Vogue China


One of my favourite models Eniko Mihalik, with makeup by one of my fave makeup artists Topolino altogether in one editorial for Vogue China. Brilliant!

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How to Make Small Lips Look Fuller

Here are 4 tips to plump your lips without injections:

1. Overdraw the lip edge. If your top lip is smaller then your bottom lip or vice versa, then balance them out. If both lips need a boost then overdraw the entire mouth.


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Tom Ford Spring 2012

The new makeup collection from Tom Ford is all about metallic. The colours are really rich and really shiny. The cream to powder eye shadows are gorgeous especially “illicit” the texture is whipped and the pigment intensity is very high. I’m not confident in how well it wears though.

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Tip of the Day: Shiny Eyelids

I love the look of shiny eyelids. It’s such a simple, yet highly effective way to makeup your eyes. Depending on how reflective you want your lids to look, use a salve like Eight Hour Cream, or for a high shine I use lip gloss.

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How Long Should You Keep Your Makeup?

We all know make up does not last forever. Many cosmetics products have a small picture of an open jar with a number on it, on the primary or secondary packaging. This indicates how long a product is good for once it’s been opened. This is very useful especially for products that have SPF or other active ingredients as these have a shorter shelf life.

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Tip of the Day: Fuller Lips

VictoriaApply a sheer layer of gloss to the very edge of the upper lip.  The gloss, unlike a pencil will reflect the light and ultimately make lips look fuller.

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