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Summer Beauty Must-Haves


These are a few of my favourite things when it comes to summer beauty products. I usually keep my eyes in all neutral shades of bronze, copper, and warm browns. The YSL Couture palette is all I really need aside from my obligatory black eye kohl. Bright lips are essential and can be worn sheer with a lip balm for day and full on for night.

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Makeup Tip of the Day: Ultra Thin Cotton Swabs


The best thing for a quick clean up on a precision makeup is an ultra thin cotton bud. These are a main stay in my makeup kit, I just stocked up on the Muji ones when I was in London last month. You can find something similar online at Alcone Company. 

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7 Favourite Summer Beauty Must-Haves

Currently these 7 products are my go-to items for my summer beauty routine. To be fair I love these products year round, but they are particularly effective during the warm months. Shu Depsea Water is divine for hydrating but also for cooling skin down. I can keep it in my bag and spritz it throughout the day.

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