The Xu Zhi spring collection was being shown immediately after Lily, as both designers were part of China Day at New York Fashion Week. All the artists for both shows had the same call time, so to avoid confusion the makeup team was split into two separate backstage areas. Grace Lee demonstrated the look for each show and then a team of artists and I went to work on the thirty Xu Zhi models. This was a quintessential skin focused makeup. Think beautiful sun kissed skin, natural eyebrows and lips. We perfected the skin using coverage only where it was needed.  Subtle highlights were applied on the high planes of the face so the girls skin had a healthy glow. Attention to details like curled lashes and brushed up brows go without saying on a look like this. For the boys we kept it pretty simple, lip balm, eyebrow gel to tame any unruly brows, spot conceal where necessary and powder, easy!